Rand al’Thor

Rand, the Dragon Reborn.
Rand fan art done by Jeremy Saliba.

Rand al’Thor is the main protagonist of the Wheel of Time. Channeling the One Power at a level matched only by a few characters in that universe, he has repeatedly shown that he can break the bounds of what is considered possible.

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  1. Alright so my question about Rand’s power level is this. Are we using him at his peak during the main bulk of the books, or are we using epilogue power level rand? I assume we are using Rand pre-epilogue as his power post epilogue is vague at best. If this is the case I would not put Rand nearly as high as he is. If you saw my post regarding Nyneave you will know I am a huge Wheel of Time fan boy. I have read the series 7 times. So keep in mind this is not from some WOT hater. I hate to keep using Anomander Rake as a reference point, but as of yet there are very few entries on this site, so it will have to do. I do not think Rand is stronger than rake. I definitly do not think he is 10 levels stronger. Even with Callandor(which may or may not be eligable for this discussion based on its limitations) I would consider Rand to be in the same ballpark as Rake. If we look at feats both are capable of destroying armies that contain enemy spellcasters. But notice that Rand was completely drained by the end of his struggle while Rake only retreated because he could not protect his City sized transport while destroying said army. So assuming Rand has Calandor I would be willing to entertain that Rand may be the stronger, but only by a small margin. 2-5 points would be my estimation off the top of my head. Without Calandor I would say rake pulls ahead by a larger margin maybe 5-7 points. If anyone else has anything to put into this discussion I would be very interested.

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